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A San Francisco overtime lawyer can get you your unpaid overtime. Unpaid overtime claims are on the rise and are being filed against just about any type of employer. A California Bakery  was Ordered to Pay $15 Million for  to settle failure to pay overtime claims. L’Amande French Bakery, with locations in Beverly Hills.  A Lingerie Retailer  was sued in an Overtime Pay Class Action. There was a $2M settlement reached in a  Ritz Carlton unpaid overtime class action lawsuit and  Hilton LAX settled a  lengthy unpaid overtime lawsuit for $2.5 Million. Even Coca Cola Bottling Company paid out on  an overtime pay class action. In 2001 a jury sided with exempt workers against Farmers Insurance. A $90-million verdict was won.

Home Depot Overtime Lawsuit

Drivers of White Cap Construction Supply, a company owned by Home Depot, were denied their overtime wages and meal breaks. A class of 400 drivers got a settlement when the lass certification by the San Francisco Superior Court was obtained.  The parties reached settlement shortly after class certification.

What Is A San Francisco Overtime Pay Class Action?

Federal law requires that San Francisco employers  pay their employees overtime pay for time worked in excess of 40 hours in a work week at a rate of  one and a half their regular pay. When a group of employees are cheated by the employer they can bring a collective unpaid overtime lawsuit called a class action. Usually one employee brings the action for the group.

Overtime Cheating Can Include:

Misclassifying an employee as exempt when they are not
Requiring employees to work off-the-clock without counting hours worked
Incorrectly calculating overtime pay to knock off your money
San Francisco  Overtime Class Action
If a San Fransisco  employer does not  pay  a group of  employees for overtime,  this group of employees can bring an unpaid overtime class action to  get the unpaid overtime  wages that they are entitled to.

If you believe you and your co- workers have been cheated out of your overtime pay, contact San Fransisco Paycheck Lawyer