Referring Attorneys

Jeffery Altman

“In the 14 years that I’ve known James, we’ve tried cases together and I have referred cases to him.

As you know, there’s always a risk in handing one of your cases off to someone. Never once have I had a problem handing a case to James.

I have found James to be consistent. He is ALWAYS impeccably over-prepared, and I mean that in every sense of the word.

I refer to James myself, and recommend him as the ultimate professional without hesitation. Do yourself a huge favor, and partner up with James right now.”

-Jeffrey Altman, Miami, FL

Jeffrey R. Davis, Esq.
“In the end, it’s all about case results – WINNING.And that’s what I can count on with James. He’s the consummate gentleman who truly listens and cares about your clients. Yet upon entering the courtroom, I’ve personally witnessed James as a sage, calculating, aggressive and relentless litigator.I call him my ‘Game Changer’ – and that’s exactly what he is.I personally recommend James wholeheartedly and unconditionally.”

-Jeffrey R. Davis, Miami, FL

Matthew Bavaro, Esq.

“As a practicing lawyer, there’s nothing worse than wondering and hoping that you made the right decision when referring one of your good clients with an important case to another attorney.

Well… it’s been 5 years since I met and have closely worked with James, and not once have I had to second guess my decision of referring a case to him.

The truth is, you never really know until you see an attorney on the battle field, in trial. And after seeing James systematically, with precision and passion win case after case, I knew I had my go-to guy for specialty cases.

I have great respect for James. I find him honest, straight forward, and caring, and I unequivocally recommend James – a world class great guy.”

-Matthew Bavaro,
Ft. Lauderdale, FL