Oil and Gas Field Workers Overtime Class Actions

Oil and gas field workers are constantly being cheated out of their overtime pay. Collective actions and class actions are often filed for large groups of workers collectively cheated by their employer.

Oil and Gas Field Workers Paycheck Lawyer
Oil and Gas Field Workers Paycheck Lawyer has experience filing lawsuits  on behalf of oil and gas workers who are not getting paid their rightful overtime pay.  These lawsuits continue to move forward and we are ready to help you.

How Do They Cheat You?
1. Oil and gas industry workers are often  paid on a day-rate basis.  Employees working on a “day rate” basis are entitled to overtime. Labor law that most protects oil and gas field  employees and demands you earn 1.5 times your regular rate for hours worked over 40 hrs in a single workweek. That includes any day rate employee.

2. They fail to include bonuses in overtime calculations. Field, production, attendance and safety bonuses are given to  oil and gas industry employees. If your  employer  is not  taking this  into account, they are cheat you out of proper  overtime pay.

3. They misclassify workers as independent contractors.
Many  employers  misclassify welders, roughnecks, crane operations. They claim you are  not entitled to  overtime.

Attention Oil And Gas Field Workers- We File Overtime Class Action Lawsuits

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