Off The Clock Workers Are Entitled To Overtime Pay

Fast Food chains are notorious for making workers  put in off the clock hours and not paying them overtime pay. The worst offender cited is Subway. Chipolte, Wendy’s. KKC,  Taco Bell and others have faced overtime violation lawsuits.

The law is clear. According to overtime lawyer James Loren, ” Federal and state wage and hour laws prohibit employers from forcing  employees to perform off-the-clock work.”

Off The Clock Work Includes:

Work to be done before the start of a shift
Work  done after the end of a shift
Meal breaks
Orientation, training, classes
Taking work home

File An Off The Clock Work Overtime Lawsuit

Employees often can  get double back pay and the employer must pay the employees’ attorney fees if they lose the overtime lawsuit

Taco Bell  Overtime Lawsuit Filed

A jury  concluded that Taco Bell  willfully” permited off-the-clock work and violate overtime laws. Approximately 2,000 current and former employees got paid back wages.

If you and your fellow workers are victims of unpaid off the clock work contact overtime lawyer James Loren.