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Can I Sue For NYC  Unpaid Wages?

If you haven’t been paid all the money you’ve earned at work, you might have a legal Manhatten, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn claim against your employer under New York state or federal wage and hour law.

If there were minimum wage violations by your NYC  employer.

If you were under paid and are a  tipped employee.

If your employer is Taking too much in deductions.

If your employer failed to pay for every hour  you worked.

You May Have A NYC Wage and Hour Claim

  • Working  “off the clock,” before clocking in or after clocking our for the day
  • Meal or rest breaks that you had  to work through
  • Not paid for hours at required training programs and classes
  • Travel time to a work assignment
  • Any waiting time you spent  on the employer’s premises.

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