N. Dakota Oilfield Workers Overtime Lawyer

Paycheck lawyer overtime  lawsuit attorneys are filing overtime  lawsuits for  workers  in Bismarck, Fargo and all of North Dakota who have been cheated out of their overtime pay.
Are you an oil and gas industry  engineer, mud engineer, tool pusher, field service technician, tankerman, or other field service worker paid on  a fixed salary, day rate, straight hourly or per job basis no matter  how many  hours you worked per week?  This is a violation of overtime law.  You must get overtime pay when you  work more than 40 hours per week.

Did They  Cheat You Out Of Your Overtime Pay By:


Paying you a  “fixed salary,”  “day rate” or  “per job rate” incorrectly with no overtime pay?
Calling you an  independent contractor and not paying overtime?
Not counting  the time you spent on travel to job sites, safety meetings or training as hours worked?
Misclassifying you as an exempted worker?
Paying straight time for hours over 40 a week?

Overtime Law Is On Your Side

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) demands  payment of overtime for all hours worked in excess of 40 in a work week at a rate not less than one and one-half times each employee’s “regular rate”.

Overtime Lawyers Fight For  Oilfield Workers

Oilfield workers are entitled to two or three years of back pay, liquidated damages  and attorneys’ fees.  Paycheck lawyer fights for the right of oilfield workers to get paid what they deserve.

If you work for an oil and gas company, top drive company, top drive drilling company, deepwater drilling company, oilfield services contractor or other oilfield supply chain company in North Dakota call Paycheck lawyer. We have the experience, know how  and winning  track record to represent oilfield workers in wage and hour cases all over the country.