Jacksonville Overtime Lawyer

Jacksonville employees who work more than 40 hours in a workweek are entitled to overtime pay equal to double there usual  hourly wages.  There are  employers who will illegally deny overtime to you even though you  have rightfully earned these wages. Certain types of workers are exempt from federal overtime requirements. Contact Paycheck Lawyer and find out if you are entitled to overtime pay.

The overtime attorneys at Paycheck Lawyer in Jacksonville  have years of experience helping  workers who were cheated out of their overtime. There are numerous  deceptive tactics employers may use to avoid paying employees the overtime  wages that have earned. To find out how our Jacksonville  attorneys may be able to help you get your unpaid overtime call us today. Being cheated out of your overtime pay is no laughing matter.

Jacksonville Overtime Exemptions

According to section 13(a)(1) of the FLSA rules there are overtime pay  exemptions  for employees who are executive, administrative, professional and/or outside sales employees. There are certain tests that must be met for employees to be exempt from overtime pay. If your employer  uses “administrator” in a job title it does not mean that you are  automatically exempt the employee from overtime pay. Paycheck lawyer needs to review your specific situation.

Were You Paid For All The Hours You Worked?

You May Be Entitled To Overtime For Time Spent:

Checking  work related emails from your home
Being on-call
Time spent turning on computers before beginning the work day
Cleaning equipment before or after clocking out
Putting on equipment or uniforms
Undergoing security checks before clocking in or after clocking out
Working through meals or  breaks
Attending special training or safety classes
Taking additional  short breaks that last between 5 and 20 minutes

Paycheck lawyer has helped working people cheated out of their overtime pay by unscrupulous employers who tell you:

  • I’m not paying  you overtime pay because you didn’t ask for permission to work overtime.
  • You are exempt and not entitled to overtime pay
  • Those overtime hours you claim you worked were really  per diem
  • You’re getting comp time instead

If you have been cheated out of your Jacksonville overtime pay call Paycheck Lawyer today.