Have you been cheated out of your tips or wages by a Miami  food chain?

South American food chains have come to Miami and you may have been cheated out of your tips or overtime pay by one of them.

Colombian hamburger chain El Corral opened its first U.S. restaurant near Miami last year, Colombian-Americans came in droves to get a taste of home. Many of the workers are also Columbian or hispanic . You may be told your tips are not really yours and made to feel you must work without fair wages. Just because your employer is Hispanic and a strong part of the local Hispanic community does not mean they have the right to cheat you out of your fair pay.

Given that its population is two-thirds Hispanic, Miami-Dade County is preferred by South American companies because they are familiar to many residents. The companies rely on the role of their fellow countrymen as U.S. ambassadors of their brands. But, this still does not give them the right to with hold your fair tips and overtime pay.

El Corral and Giraffas Panera and Chipotle, is expected to grow 10 percent.